2018 AXFI Killer Fintech  Speed Rounds Application

Fintech Speed Rounds.jpgThe 5th Annual Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference is right around the corner. Back by popular demand, we are excited to announce the 2nd annual AXFI Killer Fintech Speed Rounds. This session is designed to highlight technology and innovation that is changing the world of financial services. There are many fintech companies focused on developing applications to remove "friction" from the current products and processes and creating superior user experiences.

What is your great innovation?

We want to hear from you - what is your killer fintech innovation? How are you working to minimize friction and improve the credit union movement? Fill out the application on this page to have the opportunity to present your innovation at the 2018 AXFI Conference. 

What is a Speed Round?

Fast-paced, energetic, and informative. This is your chance to show off your solution to the entire conference audience (and have your company featured in a variety of conference promo materials). 


The Killer Fintech Speed Rounds will take place the first full day of the 2018 AXFI Conference; Monday, June 11, 11am-12pm CT. 

Each presentation is a maximum of seven (7) minutes to describe the innovation and explain how it helps credit unions to better achieve their goals. After, the presenter has the opportunity to answer questions from an expert panel for up to two additional minutes. 

Selection Process:

- All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, April 18 Deadline Extended to May 1st! 

- Selected companies will be notified by May 15, 2018. 

- Fee to participate is $1,000. Only those selected pay the participation fee. Once you are selected you will be invoiced for $1,000.

- Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • How innovative the idea is.
  • How it benefits the member.
  • How it can create positive financial impact for the credit union. 

- The production team will select up to 6 companies to present at the 2018 AXFI Conference. 

Logistics/Additional Information

- Live Demo is required, PP and other slide related fare is not allowed.

- Videos may be played but only with approval. The video must show off a feature of the product that isn’t conducive to the live demo environment. If it is showing off a feature that could be shown live, then it is not allowed. Max Video Length: 30 Seconds.

- Exhibit table is not required to participate. Please contact us if you are interested in increasing your company's visibility at the 2018 AXFI Conference.

- The AV team will be on-site Sunday, June 10, from 4-5pm, at which time you will be required to check in and test technical equipment. 

- The presentation order will be selected randomly

- There will be 2 podiums, and presenters will alternate between them to help keep a quick pace. 

- The intention of this session is not to determine a winner. It is, instead, to promote the best fintech innovations of the industry.

- Selections are final and refunds will not be made after a company has been selected.

Questions? Please contact us.  

Submit your Application to the 2018 AXFI Killer Fintech Speed Rounds